Harmonix: People felt insulted when we turned to Kickstarter

Uncoupled Kinects and Kickstarter struggles, CEO Alex Rigopulos on a strange year for Harmonix

It is the journalist's lot to understand more about their chosen field than they can ever offer up to their audience. In any industry - particularly those worth billions in revenue every single year - collateral damage is the unfortunate reality of making tough decisions. Progress for one company often creates a sterner test for another, and being on the losing end of that dynamic is frustrating, to say the least.

But actually expressing that frustration is another matter. Sincerity isn't always good for business, and it's bitterly ironic that the more a situation seems to merit a genuine or honest response the rarer a commodity that becomes. That's what made the aftermath of Microsoft's decision to remove the Kinect as an essential part of the Xbox One so refreshing. Here was a hard decision, one all but demanded by the market, and one that would leave a number of invested developers at a real disadvantage.

When something like that happens, 99 times out of 100 everyone will keep quiet and maintain composure. This time, however, there was a response. Harmonix took to Twitter.