Half of PS4 owners are PS Plus subscribers

Online multiplayer and free game service popular with new system's early adopters

Sony has been providing regular updates whenever the PlayStation 4 installed base passes a new milestone, but it has been less forthcoming with the performance of its PlayStation Plus subscription service. Sony president and CEO Kaz Hirai changed that yesterday, saying in a corporate strategy meeting that "approximately half" of PS4 users are Plus subscribers as well.

With Sony announcing the PS4 installed base surpassed 7 million early last month, that would put the number of PS4 Plus subscribers around 3.5 million. Hirai also said Sony's PlayStation mobile app has been popular among PS4 owners, with more than 4.5 million downloads to date.

The PlayStation Plus service is required for online multiplayer in non-free-to-play PS4 games, but also gives users access to a rotating collection of free downloadable games, discounts, and cloud storage for game saves. The service also grants those perks for those who own a PlayStation 3 and/or PlayStation Vita (with the exception of multiplayer, which is already free on both platforms). Plus is available in 1-month, 3-month, and 12-month tiers, with the year-long membership costing $50.

Hirai also briefly discussed software sales of the PS4, saying 20.5 million copies of games have been sold, either on disc or in digital format as of April 13. At the same time, there had been 47 games released for PS4.

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Latest comments (5)

Sasha Yelesin Student 4 years ago
Well, they have to be if they want to play online. Offering free games softens the cost, Sony, but PS+ is still a paywall that blocks large parts of games. People need to pay for PS+ if they want to play CoD or Battlefield, no wonder there's a high number of subscribers.
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Rick Lopez Illustrator, Graphic Designer 4 years ago
Honestly even if it wasnt for the multiplayer pay wall... lets say you were allowed to play games online free, its still a great deal. The amount of free games, discounts and specials that you can get is pretty much insane. Besides I dont really play online, so my reasons for subscribing is because of the other benefits. And Im pretty much a very happy with the current PSN.
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Lyndon R. Labayan Studying Business Information Technology, Red River College4 years ago
As a student, I've held off purchasing a PS4 simply because of PS+. I agree the perks are notable but I would only be subscribing to play my games online.
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Yuri Bialoskursky Senior Designer, PerBlue, Inc4 years ago
Thanks to PS+ and it's ridiculously awesome offering of free games, I now play my PS3 more than I do my PS4...not sure if that was their intent or not...
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Jamie Knight International Editor in Chief, Playnation4 years ago
Ricky Lopez: Which 'free' games are these then? Can you name me one I can pick up?
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