Brasil Game Show attracts over 150,000 visitors

Over 1000 business meetings scheduled at Latin American event

Attendance figures for the 2013 Brasil Game Show are in, and stand at 151,654 visitors across the five days.

The first day, October 25, was press and business only but still attracted 7,392 attendees. During the remaining four days the Latin American show opened its doors to the public with Sunday proving the most popular with 41,811 attendees.

The organisers also revealed that more than 1000 business meetings were scheduled at the show through its Matchmaking System.

For gamers the show featured an International League of Legends Challenge, appearances from the next-generation consoles and 50 international companies.

You can read more about the event, and how Sony and Microsoft handled their appearances, in the exclusive GamesIndustry International report.

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André Gomes de Oliveira C++ Programmer, Funcate4 years ago
Good to know the show is growing. Some reports claimed that brazillian market revenues are already superior to those of the United Kingdom.

Regardless of that being 100% accurate or not, it goes without saying that this is a market worth investing in, sadly, piracy and abusive prices keep it from truly shining, if it is already this good the way it is I can only imagine what it would be like if taxes and other problems stopped holding it back.
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