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GamePop console priced at $129

Blustacks' Android console will be more expensive than Ouya and GameStick

GamePop, the Android-based console from Bluestacks, will retail for $129, more than both the Ouya and the GameStick.

The GamePop was announced earlier this month, making it the last of the new wave of Android-based consoles to be unveiled to the public. However, the $129 price-tag makes it considerably more expensive than its closest competitors: the Ouya will be on-sale for $99, and the GameStick will be the cheapest at $79.

Bluestacks has also added two new development partners: Intellijoy, which makes popular educational apps for Android, and COM2US, South Korea's largest game developer, which will have a unique channel on the system.

While the bargain-priced Android console market is filling up fast, GamePop does have a unique selling point: a $6.99 a month subscription service that offers access to more than 250 games at launch. Anybody that signs up for the service by the end of June will receive the console for free.

Bluestacks has confirmed that the GamePop will launch at the end of the year.

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Adam Campbell Product Manager, Azoomee8 years ago
This is an interesting one, because it specifically markets itself as a "mobile game" playing device and additionally allows the user to control them with smartphones as an alternative to the controller.

It does seem a bit more locked down than some of the alternative Android consoles out there (games development, customisation and multimedia features. Then the pricing model (being a fixed monthly subscription) might not be for everyone.
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