GameStop president: PS4 and Xbox One games can be resold

"It's a recognised way to make these games more affordable"

GameStop president Tony Bartel has reassured consumers that next-gen games will be able to be bought and sold on the pre-owned market, and explained why that is important as consoles transition.

"Both Sony and Microsoft have said games can be resold and that's exactly what we anticipated. It's a recognised way to make these games more affordable. All three new platforms understand that," Bartel told Forbes.

"As people upgraded to PS3 they traded in their old systems and libraries, which is why Sony made the move to not support backwards compatibility with later iterations of PS3. That's why the 'buy, sell, trade' model works well. It enables people to purchase new games by trading in their old ones. We expect to see the same thing with this transition for PS4 and Xbox One. Trade-ins allow for a seamless transition."

He added that 70 per cent of the $1 billion that GameStop brings to the market goes to new game sales.

After the Xbox One reveal yesterday there was still some confusion about how the machine's internet requirements would affect the sharing and resale of games, leaving Microsoft executives to clarify the details.

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Morville O'Driscoll Blogger & Critic 4 years ago
Tony Bartel has reassured consumers
That should obviously be investors, considering the downturn in GameStop's share-price. Consumers need more information than just the basics, like how exactly it's going to work, and how much extra effort and money they'll have to expend. But investors just need to be reassured that second-hand sales (the meat of the company's profits) will continue. Moreover, you know it's a confusing message from both MS and Sony when the US's largest bricks-and-mortar gaming retailer has to reassure everyone that second-hand sales will continue.

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Tim Ogul Illustrator 4 years ago
Microsoft might allow for used games, but not necessarily through Gamestop.
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Axel Cushing Freelance Writer 4 years ago
Yeah, that seems to be an important distinction Mr. Bartel has either not picked up on or has deliberately ignored. "Expecting" to see a seamless transition is one thing. And in fact, there may well be a seamless transition. Just not in the direction that they "expected."
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Show all comments (6)
I cant see how renting games will ever work since how do you know the last person has "deactivated" the title. As per Gamestop every used game they will have to go and make sure its deactivated before selling. Its becoming like buying a house, you need to do a title search. You really think dudes making 10 bucks an hour are really going to be proactive and thorough about any of this activation/deactivation etc bs, I mean they cant even be bothered to keep the stores from smelling like ass.( seriously would it kill gamestop to buy some febreeze for its stores?)

Gamestop will spin and spin, but its dying like many brick and mortars are, it has no future, and Gamefly days are numbered too I would suspect.

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Nicholas Pantazis Senior Editor, VGChartz Ltd4 years ago
I'll believe it when I see it.
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Rick Lopez Illustrator, Graphic Designer 4 years ago
errm... yeah then when you get home you gotta pay again to activate it.... lets see how this works out cause i have no idea how its gonna be done.
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