Rovio launches publishing brand

Angry Birds maker debuts Rovio Stars; first game will be iOS title Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage

After years of planning, Rovio Entertainment has finally pulled the trigger on its long-awaited move into third-party publishing. The Angry Birds creator today unveiled its own mobile publishing brand, Rovio Stars.

The first two projects out of Rovio Stars have already been confirmed. The label will launch with the release of Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage, an iOS game from London-based Nitrome that lets players guide a lone protagonist to safety by slicing up the icy levels to solve physics puzzles. The second game will be Tiny Thief, a medieval stealth-based puzzle game from Barcelona-based 5 Ants.

"We want to help the developers to give these games that last coat of polish, publish the games and find their audience," Rovio director of development Kalle Kaivola said. "We're focusing on a small, select number of games, and each Rovio Stars launch will be an event of its own."

Rovio is currently accepting submissions from developers who want to be part of the Rovio Stars program. The company is looking for games with cross-generational appeal that are already playable. Games that get picked up will benefit from Rovio's marketing and PR resources, developer feedback, and post-production assistance to bring the game to app stores.

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Latest comments (2)

Robert Mac-Donald Game Designer, Lethe Games5 years ago
Typo on the title: "Icerbreaker"

I played the flash version of icebreaker and it was a witty, well crafted game.

Judging by the trailer, they added a lot of production value to this sequel which should be the natural way going from a free flash game to a paid mobile title. Strangely, not a lot of ice breaking on the trailer though.
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Jamie Read 3D Artist, Neon Play Ltd5 years ago
Did anyone else notice the left star in their logo is closer to the center one than the right star is?
0Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply

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