Vlambeer to fight latest cloned game release

SkyFar beats Luftrausers to market as studio defends itself again from cloning

Ridiculous Fishing developer Vlambeer has approached Apple and Google about removing a game from their app stores that apparently clones its game Luftrausers, currently in development for the PlayStation Vita.

Rubiq Labs released mobile title SkyFar on April 10 on Apple's App Store, a game that looks visually similar to Vlambeer's Luftrausers.

"We obviously endured a bit of a scare when news arrived of Luftrausers being cloned and released ahead of our own release schedule by another developer. This time, however, it's not 'just' the idea of the game that has been cloned, but also the visual style. This gives us much more room to fight the whole thing, and we fully intend to," said Vlambeer in a statement to Eurogamer.

"We simply can't deal with the stress of another cloned game, so we've gotten in touch with Apple and Google to see if there is a way for the issue to be resolved without us getting involved in yet another clone war. We're more than happy to see games inspired by our works and we encourage anyone to practice game design and development by recreating personal favorites - but the clones of both Ridiculous Fishing and Luftrausers take 'inspiration' a step too far and into the marketplace."

Vlambeer's Flash game Ridiculous Fishing was cloned before the developers could release an iOS version of the game. While the team accepts that products in the games industry see a lot of iteration, there's a difference between being inspired by a game and shamelessly ripping it off, they said.

"Ultimately, we refuse to accept this as a part of our industry. We believe that showing our games to our fans early is a better way of developing Vlambeer games than keeping secrets and just dropping the final result on people when it's done.

"Now that we've got the chance, we'd also like to take a few seconds to use the clone as an argument towards why Luftrausers is almost certainly not coming to mobile - we just can't find a way to make it work as well as it should on touchscreen devices. Luftrausers is still hitting PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 3 and Playstation Vita - with the latter being the most interesting device for those of you who would like to play Luftrausers on the go. We've been wrapping up development and we are on schedule to release the game later this spring."

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Latest comments (3)

John Kauderer Associate Creative Director, Atari4 years ago
Best of luck in getting the offending app removed but I fear these guys are going to have a hard time because they aren't releasing the game on mobile.

Also why not release on the 3DS as a download? I would have to assume the 3DS has a much healthier install base than the Vita.
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Steve Nicholls Programmer 4 years ago
Can you do anything about this? Is it not just a case of snooze and you loose? Ofc I hate clones especially the virus and pure lack of creativity that is Zynga and co.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Steve Nicholls on 23rd April 2013 6:19pm

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Nicholas Pantazis Senior Editor, VGChartz Ltd4 years ago
@ John it has an install base roughly 7 times that of the Vita.
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