Defiance show Syfy's most-watched scripted premiere since 2006

The show tied to Trion's newest MMO is off to a good start

Syfy's Defiance has become the network's most-watched scripted television series premiere among the lucrative demographic of Adults 18-49. 1.3 million people in that demographic watched the show's premiere last night, pushing Defiance above of Syfy's previous best, 2006's Eureka. The show was also one of Syfy's best in terms of total viewers with 2.7 million and it beat out 2009's Warehouse 13 with 1.4 million viewers in the Adults 25-54 demographic.

The show is tied to Trion World's MMO third-person shooter of the same name, which launched on April 2, 2013. The game has seen more than six million hours of gameplay since launch, but has had its share of launch week issues. Trion took down the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game today due to problems with a recent patch, but the game is back up running as of this writing.

Defiance stars Grant Bowler, Julie Benz, Stephanie Leonidas, Tony Curran, Jaime Murray, Graham Greene and Mia Kirshner.

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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 4 years ago
The premiere was great fun, although mining Star Wars for its final act had me laughing a bit too much that the writers went there. When Nolan gets his gun back, the scene is basically a mirror of the scene in Episode IV when Han Solo gets his money and is set to scoot out on the rebels. That and the fancy space doohickey that saves the day is basically a reverse Death Star (complete with the on foot enemy army doing a trench run towards Defiance!).
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Richard Gardner Artist, Crytek4 years ago
The opening 20 minutes of the first episode was a disaster, so much of the writing was extremely forced. It really wasn't working for me, but slowly it started to gain ground on me. Once the episode was over I was interested in seeing the next. It is by no means breaking boundary's in writing, but it currently has enough to keep me going. I hope it works out for SyFy, I heard they invested a massive amount of money in it. As for the game, I have only seen a few gameplay videos that felt very average.
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David Radd Senior Editor, IndustryGamers4 years ago
It had a feeling like the mid-tier fantasy/sci-fi shows that cropped up in the wake of Star Trek: The Next Generation's success. Space Above and Beyond/Xena/Farscape/Earth: Final Conflict/Andromeda... that sort of feeling. It wasn't the serious character drama that was the new Battlestar, but it was entertaining in its own right and is filling a niche missing on TV right now.
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Firefly - works best for me still
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 4 years ago
I'd say there's also Firefly vibe at work here (the space western frontier town thing happening), or at least the writers are trying to make the show bounce drama and light humor off each other in equal measures. It's not bad for what it is. That and I was surprised at how little the game was pushed. I was half expecting to see long form commercials for at every break, but the ads were short and over with quickly. Nice.
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Paul Jace Merchandiser 4 years ago
I watched it and although I was disappointed(at first) that it lasted two hours(pushing Lost Girl's finale to next week) it had it's moments. I definitely want to check out the game as well. I'm going to watch atleast the next 4 or 5 episodes before I decide rather I really like this show or not.
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Chris Murphy Community & Live Manager, Ubisoft4 years ago
I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one to feel that the start of the show was absolutely atrocious. However by the end I too was looking forward to the next couple of episodes to see how they flesh out the universe and characters. The CG elements are pretty poor, as is some of the script, but there's enough promise in the universe that they've crafted to warrant sticking with the show for another couple of episodes.

I'm glad to hear that it has done well fore Syfy....but then again, it's not as though the shows it's being compared to were genre defining either :/. of luck to them.
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