Deloitte: We're "fighting in the trenches" for Blockbuster

Lee Manning on trying to save the entertainment brand

Deloitte's Lee Manning, currently acting as administrator for Blockbuster UK, has described the process as akin to being shot at in the trenches.

"We try and save as many jobs as we can. But we can't save all of them," he told The Telegraph.

"We have to deal with people that are in distress both emotionally and financially. With people who want their money back. We are basically fighting in the trenches - but we get shot at by all sides."

So far around 160 Blockbuster UK stores have been closed.

"There is a real reason HMV and Blockbuster are distressed and that goes beyond the problems of the high street. That is much more driven by technology and the fact that the delivery method of their product had been fundamentally challenged by technology," he explained.

"Simply put, there is less demand for the physical product when people can buy it easier and cheaper online."

It was last month that Deloitte was appointed to oversee the fate of Blockbuster UK's 4000 employees and 528 stores.

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Jason Alexander QA - Senior Tester, Blizzard Entertainment5 years ago
Blockbuster??? What is this. If the Viedo killed the radio star...then streaming killled the video store. and soon digital cloud gaming will kill the game store.

I will miss midnight launches.

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James Wells Gaming Contributor - 5 years ago
Yeah I'm hard-pressed to find a single open blockbuster anywhere in the States... the last one I knew of closed maybe 6 months ago, and may others years before then. It's too bad; my wife and I used to really enjoy their discs-by-mail program (just before Netflix Streaming was unleashed upon the world), where you could take the discs they mail you to a local store and swap it for a new movie there. Unfortunately, they killed that, the biggest selling point of the program, and that finally pushed us to Netflix. I do miss the occasional game rental/cheap used game score...
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I dont miss the days of going to a store only to find no copies of the latest movie, or having to run movies back in the middle of winter in the dark, or the late fees. Blockbuster killed the mom and pop video stores, and tech killed Blockbuster, oh well
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Dave Knudson Sr. Technology Manager, Electronic Arts5 years ago
I think DVD was actually the beginning of the end for blockbuster. If there was a new DVD release, chances are it would be out of stock at Blockbuster. However, you could generally go to a local retailer on release day and pick it up on sale for 12.99 to 15.99. In the VHS heyday, there was generally a 6 month window where VHS would be $40 to $80, so rental was the only option unless you wanted to wait a long while for the $15-$20 sell through.

Netflix by mail was the next foot in the grave, and streaming was the dagger.
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