Valve acquires Star Filled Studios

Founder Tod Semple's LinkedIn reveals new San Fran office

A developer's LinkedIn profile has revealed that Valve has just snapped up two-man team Star Filled Studios, and plans to open a new office in San Francisco.

"I've worked on Diablo 3, Star Wars Force Unleashed, and was the programmer that made Plants vs. Zombies," said Star Filled founder Tod Semple, who also changed his job title to developer at Valve Corporation.

"My recent startup was acquired by Valve and we are opening a new office on the San Francisco peninsula."

Star Filled Studios was founded in September 2012 by Semple, who has previously worked as a developer at PopCap on Plants vs. Zombies and as a senior software engineer at LucasArts and Blizzard North. His co-founder, Jeff Gates, also worked at PopCap Games and Maxis.

On September 20 Semple noted on his blog that the team were visiting Valve in Seattle.

"Jeff and I are flying up to Seattle today. We are going to go visit Valve and check out all the cool stuff they are working on and see if there are any business opportunities. I'm pretty excited about this trip! They are a crazy awesome company and they are doing so much cool new stuff."

On October 11 he mentioned lunch with an unnamed billionaire. It now seems likely that was Gabe Newell.

Valve has yet to comment on the news.

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By Brendan Sinclair

Latest comments (3)

Ceyhun Alyesil IT Integration Manager, SHR Interaktif Servisler5 years ago
I want a space game from Valve, when i saw the company's name i was like "ohh its coming"
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Roberto Bruno Curious Person 5 years ago
I want a space game from Valve, when i saw the company's name i was like "ohh its coming"
Apparently they were working at one, the rumored SOB, but it was canned.
Which is disappointing, because all the concept arts they showed were beyond awesomeness.
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Vinicius De Nadai Andrade Technology Business Analyst 5 years ago
Letīs see the stages of a business cycle:

1- The industry is created.
2- A lot of companies arise.
3- Just some survive and become big.
4- New small companies appear and nobody knows their real vale.
5- A huge M&A wage hits the industries.
6- We end up with only a few companies.
7- Somebody needs to come here and recreate the industry again.

This applies to Games, yes. It applies to everything, every business. We are now moving from the 4th to the 5th step in the video game industry.

That is why everyday we see discussions about "how to increase profits" and "how to monetize".

This is the professionalizing part of the game.
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