Swedish developer Junebud files for bankruptcy

Developer of browser MMO MilMo closes after 4 years

Swedish developer Junebud has filed for bankruptcy due to "an unsustainable financial position".

The company was responsible for 3D browser game MilMo, a free-to-play title that launched in closed beta at the end of 2009. MilMo had a growing audience on Facebook, as well as Orkut, a social network in Brazil and India.

"I'm sad to inform you today that Junebud has filed for bankruptcy," said the company on the official forums. "It is not yet decided what will happen to MilMo or Tuff Tanks. The Junebud Crew are proud of everything we did together, and wish to thank all beloved MilMonauts."

The company, which included veterans from Massive Entertainment and DICE, employed 15 full-time staff.

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Carl Silvers Researcher, Electronic Arts7 years ago
A shame to see any studio fall to pieces, but I'd be happy to talk to anyone of the affected staff about opportunities within EA.
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