TreSensa raises $1m for cross-platform development

New start-up aims to bridge the gap between social and mobile

A new start up, TreSensa, is looking to capitalize on cross-platform and multiplayer technologies, thanks in part to a $1 million funding round. The new company hopes to push its new technologies to beta, where game studios from around the world can utilize services at all stages of development.

"Within the emerging mobile and social gaming markets, we recognize the need for social games to go mobile and for mobile games to become more social," said Rob Grossberg, CEO of TreSensa. "To bridge the gap between the social and mobile markets, we provide a framework, technologies and services tailored to meet the demands of game studios."

The studio, co-founded by Grossberg as well as Vincent Obermeier and Codewalla CEO Rakesh Raju, claims that its technology can help producers and developers focus less on creating multiplayer functionality and more on creative aspects of the game. The new platform from TreSensa will help with monetization and exposure, meant to be scaled to all sizes of teams.

The first game to work with the platform is Strandead, a game under the Happy Tree Friends franchise with Mondo Studios.

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