Nintendo shares fall following E3 press conference

Investors were not excited about Nintendo's E3 press event

Following its press conference at E3 2012, Nintendo's stock price has tumbled almost 2 percent on the Osaka Stock Exchange. The current share price is 9,120 yen ($115.20/ 74.38), whereas yesterday the share price topped out at 9,400 yen ($118.73/ 76.67) before closing at 9,290 yen ($117.34/ 75.77).

Nintendo's press conference has been criticized for not having original marquee titles, like a Legend of Zelda or a full 3D Mario game. 3DS software was completely absent at the conference except for a single sizzle reel, but Nintendo is expected to go over its 3DS lineup today at 6 PM PDT.

On the other hand, platform rival Sony's stock is currently up 2.58 percent, with a share price on $13.54 (8.74). Likewise, Microsoft is up 2.10 percent for the day, with a stock price of $29.10 (18.79) at the time of this writing.

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Latest comments (3)

Kevin Patterson musician 5 years ago
I was very surprised that Nintendo would not have a Zelda or Mario 3D at launch for the Wii-u. A sequel to Super Mario 64 would have been an amazing launch title, and it's a title we all want.

I went in hoping that Nintendo would give me a reason to want to buy a Wii-u this year, but that didn't happen. Wii owners that I know do not seem that interested in it either.

When the conference started the Audience was very excited, but we never heard the huge cheers a new console introduction usually has, and when it ended, the response from the audience seemed very weak.

Pikimin look great, but wouldn't it have been better to have a 3D mario title instead?

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Patrick Frost QA Project Monitor 5 years ago
They claimed to have so much to show but in reality had very little. I see no logic behind why anyone would want to spend money on buy a new platform for:
1) Casual sequels which I probably already have (or have iPhone distractions to replace it with)
2) Old hardcore titles that I have already played
3) Luke warm original titles

I was worried by Reggie's attitude when interview by Geoff Keighley concerning the cost of games like Batman and ME3. Made them sound so out of touch.
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Rick Lopez Illustrator, Graphic Designer 5 years ago
Im not concerned, those killer apps will come in time. Its prudent for them to concern themselves about launching a console and dedicating resources to it. With 36 third party games, very fun first party games and support for Wii's catalog of games and peripherals, plus support for 2 gamepads, the pro controller, support for external memory solutions and updated network capabilities i say Nintendo is in the right direction. They just need to get the console price right and im hoping for 300$... i would consider 350$ but thats pushing it for me. 300$ is the ideal price.

And alot of the third party games shown havent even come out for other cosoles yet. And honestly I bet most of those investors dont play games at all and dont even understand how they work. they are just interested in new products and huge numbers. They probably dont understand that a few good games is better then announcing alot of mediocre ones.
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