Double Eleven dominates business awards

Developer takes home Small Business, Newcomer and Science and Technology trophies

Middlesbrough developer Double Eleven has scored an impressive three awards at the North East England Business Awards.

The company won small business of the year, newcomer of the year and science and technology business of the year.

"Given the state of the overall economy and the general shrinkage of the UK games industry, these awards help ratify our niche in these challenging times," said CEO Lee Hutchinson.

"We are all still on cloud nine, and are certainly looking forward to the regional finals."

The company was founded in December 2009 and its latest project is LittleBigPlanet for the PlayStation Vita.

"We were absolutely delighted at winning three separate awards," added finance director Kimberley Turner.

"Lee and the others who began this company from his loft took a huge risk and got us to where we are today. In less than two short years we are a business with a sustainable competitive advantage in the industry. The business is led by a strong management team and powered by a highly technical development team giving us a unique position in the industry's global value chain."

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Latest comments (6)

Rich Sturgess Business Development Director - EMEA, Marmalade5 years ago
i like good news days, well done to Lee and his team, well deserved.
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Terence Gage Freelance writer 5 years ago
Well done guys; nice to read a bit of good news for a change (all seems to be doom and gloom lead by GAME at the moment).

Looking forward to LBP Vita as well. I've got a lot of love for that series.
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Anthony Gowland Consulting F2P Game Designer, Ant Workshop5 years ago
Great news, well done to all of their team.
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Andrew Animator 5 years ago
As an ex North Easter I am really pleased to see Double Eleven doing so well.
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Dave Herod Senior Programmer, Codemasters5 years ago
Having worked with Lee on my first game, I think it's great to see his company doing so well, big congrats.
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robert troughton Managing Director, Coconut Lizard5 years ago
Congrats, Lee, well deserved - looking forward to seeing LBP and whatever you guys do next :-)
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