DeNA ordered to pay GREE $2.9m in copyright case

Tokyo District Court rules in GREE's favour following long-running dispute

The Japanese online publisher DeNA will have to pay rival company GREE a fine following the conclusion of a long-running legal battle.

According to a report on IndustryGamers, the dispute started in 2009 when DeNA released a fishing game called Tsurige Town 2. GREE alleged that the title infringed the copyright of its game, Tsuri Star, and promptly filed suit.

Yesterday, a Tokyo District Court ruled in favour of GREE, demanding that DeNA pay the company a fine of $2.9 million.

The court was shown a number of screenshots illustrating similarities between the two games, and it was decided that one of the comparisons showed clear evidence of copyright violation. DeNA intends to appeal the ruling.

NimbleBit and Buffalo Studios have both accused Zynga of plagiarising their games, while Spry Fox has started legal action against 6waves Lolapps.

In November last year, GREE issued another lawsuit against DeNA, this time for failing to list games on Mobage Town if they were also offered through GREE's network.

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Latest comments (2)

Magistretti Roberto journalist 6 years ago
Hi Matt,
do you know how the Tokyo District Court arrived to the $ 2.9 million fine?

Is it related to Tsuri Star overall sales or something like that?

I'm curious about it. And what about Tsuri Star "numbers"? Is it really popular in Japan?

Thanks (and keep up the good work)
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Stephen Rebeiro Creative Lead / Technical 3D Artist, Ink Vial Games5 years ago
How did they come up with a figure like that?
I am curious to know what screenshots/images were compared.
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