Unity launches public beta for Flash add on

New Flash Player deployment will allow Unity developers to push content through Adobe Flash Player

Development platform Unity has launched a public beta for a new add on that will allow developers to publish their content through Adobe Flash Player, doing away with the need for consumers to download extra plug ins.

"Our vision has always been to let developers take their games to as many places as possible - and Flash deployment greatly furthers that," said CCO Nicholas Francis.

"While we normally wait to ship our software until it's rock solid, the Flash publishing option is just so awesome that we had to do a developer preview. I can't wait to see where our new and existing users will now take Unity."

The beta is available to download later today at the official site.

To publicise the launch Unity has also launched a "Flash in a Flash" Creation Contest with a $20,000 grand prize for the best Flash game made with Unity. The closing date for the competition is January 5.

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Latest comments (5)

Harrison Smith Studying Games and Graphics Programming, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology6 years ago
While I desire a better GUI system, flash support is a nice addition to the mix, greatly opens up a whole audience of lazy people who couldn't be bothered to download the plugin which I am sure is quite a large number.
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Chris Wood Lead Game Designer, Waracle6 years ago
Apparently according to some stats i've seen, having to download the plug-in was leading up to 40% loss of users, so this is huge for everyone using Unity ....
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Michal Todorovic Director of Engineering, Zynga6 years ago
Lazy is an interesting word to describe your players/customers. I would think, "too busy", "not interested enough" and perhaps even, "not trusting enough to download a plugin to play a game from you." But that's just me. ;-)

Looking forward to seeing performance, memory and loading times for the plug-in versus apps developed in ActionScript.
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Henry Lane Head of Projects & Business Development, Stickmen Studios6 years ago
In agreement with Michal, there's more advantage to focusing on a customer's obstacles rather than potential weaknesses.

At any rate any move that reduces the friction for a user to play one of our games is extremely positive, especially if Chris' figure of 40% loss is accurate!
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Harrison Smith Studying Games and Graphics Programming, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology6 years ago
@Michal, yea, it wasn't a good term to use, I was just lazy to write better more accurate terms. Tho I have always wondered why they haven't designed a better method to install plugins, like if a user goes onto a website that requires a plug in a x amount of times, it will automatically install that plugin in the next browser update, I dont know but the current way isn't good.
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