Helgason: Windows Phone 7 too closed for Unity

Unity CEO says proprietary requirements mean too much work

Unity CEO David Helgason has said that his company's game engine will never find its way onto Windows Phone 7 - because of the closed nature of the system.

Speaking to Develop, Helgason explained that any app or program which runs on the platform must be developed in either XNA or a bespoke version of Microsoft's Silverlight, which would be possible for Unity, but require too much work to be worthwhile.

Describing the platform as: "a relatively closed system so you can't run native content, which means we can't really support it," Helagson went on to say that, "we're looking at Windows Phone 8 and hopefully it will be easier to work on that system."

Unity powers thousands of both Android and iOS apps, as well as being a prominent engine for browser-based titles. Unity is also used for some titles on the three console platforms and has been licensed for the PlayStation Vita.

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Bruce Everiss Marketing Consultant 6 years ago
Microsoft's attitude to C sharp is a bit strange as it is a definite block to development, especially cross platform.
Which is a great pity as the Mango ecosystem has the potential to evolve rapidly into having significant commercial value for the development community.
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Andy Cowe Mobile developer, Moonjump6 years ago
Apple responded to the outcry when they added restrictions to the development options, and that has proven to be an excellent decision. Microsoft are even more restrictive than Apple were attempting to be. They have been shown an excellent route, yet go another way that can only push them towards the margins.

WP7 has a lot to like. Third-party software isn't one of them. That puts them at a major disadvantage.
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