Frogster to shut Mythos next week

Fantasy MMO's European servers to close after just five months

Frogster will shut the European servers for its MMO RPG Mythos on October 27.

In an announcement on the official forum community manager Nocte explained the reason for the decision.

"MYTHOS enjoyed great popularity with the launch in April and the numerous registered users ensured a good start."

"The desired long-term success unfortunately did not follow. Under these circumstances, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue the operation of MYTHOS."

Registered users who have played the game in the last three months will be offered Runes Of Magic vouchers and beta keys for Frogster's new MMO Eligium.

Mythos had a troubled development history. The game was originally in production with Flagship Studios, which then closed in 2008. All assets and IP for the title then transferred to the T3 Entertainment owned Hanbitsoft. The game finally launched, published by Hanbitsoft in Korea and America, and Frogster in Europe on April 28 2008.

In February Frogster CEO and managing director Andreas Weidenhaupt quit the company.

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Bonnie Patterson Narrative Designer, Writer 10 years ago
Maybe the name can now be used for a game set in the Mythos?

On a serious note, it seems like the long-foretold "We have enough identical fantasy MMOs now" point has been reached.
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