iPad accounts for 97 per cent of US tablet traffic

Android most popular smartphone OS, but iOS devices have 58.5 per cent of traffic

The iPad now accounts for 97.2 per cent of all tablet internet traffic in the US in August 2011, according to a report from market research company comScore.

The report - called "Digital Omnivores: How Tablets, Smartphones and Connected Devices are Changing US Digital Media Consumption Habits" - illustrates the degree to which Apple's tablet has come to dominate the American market.

It has even surpassed the iPhone in terms of internet traffic on iOS devices: 46.8 per cent versus the iPhone's 42.6 per cent.

And iOS devices account for the largest share of mobile internet traffic overall, measured in browser-based page views. By this metric, iOS accounted for 58.5 per cent of US non-computer traffic in August, followed by Android with 31.9 per cent.

The volume of iOS traffic relative to Android is particularly striking when compared to their respective market shares: in terms of devices in use, Android is the most popular OS, with 43.7 per cent of the smartphone market in August; iOS had 43.1 per cent.

"The popularisation of smartphones and the introduction of tablets and other web-enabled devices...have contributed to an explosion in digital media consumption," said comScore's senior vice president of mobile Mark Donovan.

"As these devices gain adoption, we have also seen the rise of the 'digital omnivores' - consumers who access content through several touchpoints during the course of their daily digital lives."

"In order to meet the needs of these consumers, advertisers and publishers must learn to navigate this new landscape so they develop cross-platform strategies to effectively engage their audiences."

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Part of the reason for this, is that people who own a iPad also tend to own a iPhone. And when they get in a situation where they are more likely to be using BW (i.e. watching movies at home), it will be on the 'better' device.

Be interesting to see how these numbers change in the coming months...
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Fran Mulhern , Recruit3D6 years ago
It's because the iPad is much better.

I bought a first generation iPad. Loved it. Got seduced by the Honeycomb hype, bought an Asus transformer. A decent tablet in its own right, but the utter lack of Honeycomb specific apps was depressing. The performance of the tablet was okay, but nothing spectacular. Sold it, bought an iPad 2, which is awesome. Loads of apps, a better user experience than Honeycomb, and I don't really miss flash. The only thing I really miss from the Asus is the aspect ratio.

I just get the impression Google could have supported Honeycomb much more than it has, which is a shame.
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