275,000 members of public attend Gamescom 2011

Bigger than ever event reaffirms status as world's biggest public gaming show

The organisers of last week's Gamescom have revealed that the show saw 275,000 attendees across its five days, up from 254,000 last year.

557 exhibitors booked booths from 40 countries, whilst the number of games on show increased from 200 to 300. GDC Europe registered 2,100 visitors from 57 countries.

Next year's Gamescom will take place at the Koelnmesse between August 15-19, 2012, with GDC Europe occupying the two days prior to that.

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Alfonso Sexto Lead Tester, Ubisoft Germany6 years ago
That explain that 3 hours line under the sun we had to suffer... they better organize it better next time :/
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I dont know if they could organize it any better. Even on the Wednesday trade day, the queues were an hour on average to watch a event or try a demo. There were just that many human bodies enthused about games that coupled with sun dry weather mean - everyone was a walking sardine can. Even the developers manning the booths were bewildered from the press of public games cramming into the booths.

More fun was to be had at the Koln/Bonn airports...
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David Bachowski VP Business Development, Babaroga6 years ago
I agree Dr. Chee - it all seemed fairly well organized to me. Luckily as trade visitors we could get tickets and entry earlier than the general public. Also - there were multiple entrances that didn't have quite as many people trying to jam themselves through...
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The main difficult was initially at 9am, the South side machine did not allow any GDC passes in. Whereas if you took the very long way round through the North or East side via the GDC main entrance, it was all set up better.

If you had the misfortune of losing your ticket or needed to find ANY information, there were long queues to get through clearing (which meant you could not get into the business area earlier).

Which also leads me to a second observation in passing.

How young are these overall trade visitors. I understand a blooger/press folk can be young, but some folks looked to be at least 12-14, and another goodly 20-30% (straw poll from photos taken throughout the event) were definitely in the under 20s.

Obviously its the risk of the geek (hurra!) and future Steve jobs or Rovio's of the world

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