Sega and EA sign Japanese distribution deal

Partnership will start with Shadows Of The Damned

Sega and Electronic Arts have announced a new deal that will allow Sega to distribute EA titles in Japan.

According to Andriasang, EA hopes the move will extend its reach in the country. The partnership will begin with retail orders for Grasshopper Manufacture's Shadows Of The Damned, and by August all EA games will be distributed by Sega in Japan.

After the announcement Sega Sammy saw a 3 per cent rise on the Japanese stock market.

New IP Shadows Of The Damned went on sale in the UK June 24 and achieved good review scores, but disappointing sales, failing to break into the sales chart top thirty in its first week.

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Patrick Frost QA Project Monitor 6 years ago
Seems like a good move. I would think that SoJ have more connections and general ability in Japan than EA do. Probably good business to be made for both companies.
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Seems like a very good cross cultural/regional partnership indeed
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Roland Rothbart6 years ago
Smooth strategic move. Benefit for both sides.
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