3DS tops one million Japanese sales

But handheld takes longer than DS and DSi to reach target

Nintendo's 3DS has broken the million unit sales barrier in Japan, according to the latest report from Enterbrain, detailing sales figures for May in the region.

The machine took thirteen weeks to break the million mark, a continuation of the slowing trend set by previous iterations of the two-screen device.

The original DS took only four weeks to break the million mark, reports Andriasang, whilst the DSi and DS Lite both took eight weeks. The over-sized DSiLL took the longest, at 25 weeks.

The 3DS continues to lag behind the sales of it's much older rival, the PSP, in Japan, despite a strong first month.

A recent survey in the territory revealed that most respondents considered the price of the unit to be the most important barrier to purchase, followed by a continuing satisfaction with the DSi and DS Lite.

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