Nikkei report appears to confirm Project Cafe controller screen

Six-inch touch panel reported by reputable Japanese daily

A report on the website of the generally reliable Nikkei newspaper has supposedly confirmed rumours of a six-inch integrated touch screen for the controller of the Wii's successor, currently only known as Project Cafe.

The report, translated by Andriasang, says that the screen will be used for supplementary controls for games, but could also serve as a separate portable device independently of the console.

The controller allegedly features a rechargeable battery and a camera, which could be used to add photos to Miis or other in-game avatars. Nikkei's report doesn't give the final name, price or definite release date for the hardware, but does suggest a possible release window of "mid 2012."

For some professional speculation on the possible capabilities of Nintendo's new machine, read Digital Foundry's piece on the hardware's potential.

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Could be interesting.
Sounds stupid ATM though
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Joe Beasley XNA Developer 9 years ago
Camera, Touch Screen, Rechargable... I really worry Nintendo is going to seriously mess up here, how can the pricing on a controller with those features be reasonable?
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Haven Tso Web-based Game Reviewer 9 years ago
It's not something that hasn't been done before - Dreamcast has similar functions and same for Pocket Station. I think Nintendo is just taking the concept and update it with current technology. The touch screen part could be a detachable mechanisms that allows you to use as a portable gaming devise for smaller online titles - so that will mean it will have onboard rams and storage space for that - which is not something too difficult either considering the price of SD cards have dropped so much. The Wiimote already has small amount of memory to store Wii and certain game data plus an interactive speaker. So it seems a natural progression for Nintendo to work along this line
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