Eurogamer and to host Develop Awards after-party

Annual summer party open to games industry professionals

Eurogamer and will host the official Develop Awards after-party on Wednesday July 20, in Brighton, UK.

The party will be open to games industry professionals and will take place at a venue near to the Hilton Metropole in Brighton from 11pm into the early hours. More details will be released later this month.

"In previous years the popular Summer Party has co-existed peacefully with the Develop Awards, so this year we thought it would be nice to make the relationship official," said Eurogamer Network operations director Tom Bramwell.

"We're delighted to be working with Eurogamer to create a special of night of valuable networking for the great and good of the development sector," said Develop publisher and Intent Media boss Stuart Dinsey.

To register for the Develop Conference, which takes place from 19th to 21st July, visit

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Hopefully in a larger bar than last year!!!!
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The hours are anti social though :)
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