Order & Chaos Online makes $1m in 20 days

Gameloft's subscription-based App Store MMO plans new updates

Mobile publisher Gameloft has announced that massively multiplayer online game Order & Chaos Online has generated $1 million in revenues in just 20 days, after being released for iPhone and iPad.

Heavily inspired by World of Warcraft, the game requires an initial download fee similar to other Gameloft titles and then a subscription to continue play - available in one month ($0.99), three month ($1.99) and six month ($2.99) renewal packages.

"We knew that this first real MMORPG experience for iPhone and iPad would meet the quality standards our customers want," said Gonzague de Vallois, senior vice-president of publishing for Gameloft.

"We are pleased to know that our customers have embraced our innovative business model, and we are anxious to further enrich the gaming experience with this first update, which is eagerly anticipated by our fans."

Gameloft is planning a number of expansions for the game, beginning this June. The first will include new quests, a dedicated chat channel for each supported language, and a server migration service.

Subsequent updates will add new dungeons and dedicated PvP (Player vs Player) arenas.

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Latest comments (2)

Terence Gage Freelance writer 6 years ago
"Heavily inspired by World of Warcraft"

Gameloft make some really impressive games, but I wish they would try to be a bit more original and creative with their output. I mean, our industry (as do many) thrives on stealing ideas, tweaking concepts and reinventing wheels, but they seem to take this to the extreme and thrive on copying ideas laid down by other developers. I imagine it's a very dour environment to work in; where original concepts and creative ideas are pushed aside in favour of copying X game to just outside the realms of plagiarism and phonecalls to solicitors.
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Jeffrey Kesselman CTO, Nphos6 years ago
This was brave and smart of them. As or more important then their initial sales income is that those games will continue to generate income automatically, month after month.

They are demonstrating what those who could do math and actually knew the figures had already concluded. Subscription income dwarfs micro-transaction in revenue generation.

Thats the big story here, if you go beyond the press releases and actually dig a bit.
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