Ex-Realtime Worlds staff found eeGeo in Dundee

Studio will continue work on Project MyWorld

Several ex-Realtime Worlds staff, including three directors, have formed a new studio in Dundee, which will continue work on Realtime Worlds title Project MyWorld.

The studio's offices are currently under construction in Dundee, reports Develop, and is headed up by Ian Hetherington, Patrick Chung and Harry Weller - all former executives at the APB developer. Twenty other ex-staff from Realtime Worlds also hold posts at the studio.

Project MyWorld is believed to have cost Hetherington's company around £1.1 million, close to the £1.26 million selling price of APB to K2 Network. The game is said to be centred around the manipulation of real-world cities in a virtual environment, with strong social elements.

Last year, Realtime Worlds was closed down after poor reviews and slow sales for flagship MMO APB meant that the company was unable to make financial returns to its investors.

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So much for Kimble operations - I kinda liked that name. Best of luck guys! Glad to see another studio joining Dundee's development community.

Was wondering what happened to the Kimble guys last week, this confirms things I suppose ^^
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