Abu Dhabi Media Company founds Karkadann Games

Middle Eastern studio will release first game in February

The Abu Dhabi Media Company has announced the founding of Karkadann Games, a Middle Eastern development studio focused on creating new IP and content for both local and worldwide audiences.

The studio's first title will be Cricket Power: ICC World Cup 2011 - scheduled for February, followed by Manny Pacquio: Pound for Pound in mid 2011. No platforms have yet been confirmed for the titles.

"Our aim is to lead the development of the media industry in the region, from a business, innovation and audience engagement perspective", said Abu Dhabi Media Company CEO Ed Borgerding.

"The future development of our company depends on broadening our offering, and leveraging our leadership position to pursue digital opportunities. Gaming is currently the fastest growing entertainment sector worldwide. Karkadann Games represents a strategic addition to our existing media entertainment offering and a new milestone of audience engagement."

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Justin Nearing Product Manager, DES Games7 years ago
What country?
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