Havok acquires Kore Virtual Machine tech

Intel-owned physics emulation company buys middleware tech

Havok, the Intel-owned middleware company made famous by its physics modelling technology, has acquired the Kore Virtual Machine from its developer New Game Technologies.

Kore will now be known as Havok Script as Havok takes over its licensing completely, although it will still be available as a standalone product separate from Havok's other properties.

The two companies will be working in partnership during the handover to ensure that no gaps in support or availability of the the product occur.

"This is a very exciting time for Havok as we complete our first product technology acquisition and extend our offering to include Havok Script," said Havok MD David Coghlan.

"Havok has a long standing reputation for supporting our customers extremely well and as you would expect with any Havok acquisition, we will work closely with Havok Script customers to service and support them through the transition of the product to Havok."

New Game Technologies will now move on from the support of Kore VM to the development of new products.

"We'd been looking at taking the company in a new R&D direction for some time. I guess we thrive on new product development, so we were delighted when the opportunity came up to place the Kore VM technology with Havok," said New Game technologies CEO Hugh Reynolds.

"Without a doubt, Havok is the company that has the best track-record in the games industry for supporting customers and delivering optimized cross-platform technology. It's a real win-win result."

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Torgeir Hagland Sr Programmer, Gaikai Inc.8 years ago
So co-founders of havok... leave, then co-found kore... then sell it to havok?
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