Gearbox hope to honour old Duke Nukem pre-orders

Pitchford in talks with retailers who took money during 3D Realms' tenure

Duke Nukem Forever developer Gearbox is looking at ways in which it might fulfill pre-orders made for the long-delayed shooter while it was still in 3D Realms' erstwhile hands.

Unfortunately, the money for these pre-orders does not yet look to have filtered down to the game's publisher or developer.

"There are a lot of people who pre-ordered the game," Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford told VG247 yesterday.

"We've been starting to talk with retailers because we didn't take them directly, and 3D Realms didn't take them, it was all retailers going 'I'm going to take this guy's money.'

"We've started to engage them, saying 'Hey, you've got customers who you made a promise to, and any bad feeling they have will reflect on us, so can we work together to do something for those people?'

"I don't know what we can do yet, but something should be done for the people who pre-ordered."

This may mean an even greater spend on the game than in its 12 years to date - Pitchford also revealed yesterday that former 3D Realms head George Broussard had spent up to $30 million on the game personally.

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Andrew Clayton QA Weapons Tester, Electronic Arts9 years ago
Hopefully everything works out. I know I'm going to preorder it when it's available to consumers.
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Daniel Vardy Studying HND IT, De Montfort University9 years ago
for all the time the game has been 'in development', it must be the best game in history. also, i cant think of many people who would still have a receipt from that many years ago
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Callum Brighting Programmer, Headstrong Games9 years ago
I was fortunate enough to play the game at a press event last Friday. I have to say, once I got over the "Jesus, I am actually playing Duke Nukem Forever" shock, I was really impressed.
The game made me laugh out loud, which is a very rare thing these days (last time I remember laughing was at the Michael Jackson zombie in Plants Vs Zombies) and was generally a really fun experience.
It's quite funny I think...that Duke has been away for soo long that now he is a breath of fresh (and silly) air in a currently very serious shooter market.
Hail to the king baby!
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John Bye Lead Designer, Freejam9 years ago
Hang on, I'm confused. If retailers took pre-orders for the game (despite its convoluted development process), and took their customers' money to secure those orders, surely they should either honour the order or return the money? How is there even any question over that? And how is any of this the problem of the developer or the publisher? Baffling, unless there's more to this than the story suggests.
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Shane Sweeney Academic 9 years ago
Well most places I know have non-refundable deposits on pre-orders.
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Sam Cobley Director, Undrawn Reality9 years ago
Whenever I pre-ordered a game instore there was no upfront fee involved. Perhaps this is different in the US?
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Brian Doherty9 years ago
It's usually $5 - $10 to pre-order / reserve the game in the US. Later on you pay the balance.
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