Activision plans Dundee recruitment event

Publisher moves to attract Realtime Worlds staff with help from Specialmove

Activision and Specialmove have announced a recruitment event in Dundee at the end of this week, aimed at attracting staff from Realtime Worlds, which entered administration yesterday.

The event begins on Thursday at 6pm with a presentations on the publishers various studios and vacancies, with networking to follow; while one-on-one interviews will be carried out on Friday with selected applicants.

"We're looking forward to the opportunity to chat to you about the Activision independent studio model, our teams and latest projects," said Chris Lee, VP of of European studios at Activision. "We understand it's a difficult time for everyone involved and hope we're able to provide some support and opportunity to anyone keen to consider roles with Activision."

And Andy Campbell, CEO of Specialmove, added: "It is always disappointing to hear about the difficulties faced by development studios. It is our duty to support the industry and try to provide some assistance and opportunity to those talented staff affected by job losses.

"Activision is at a very exciting time, they have a wonderful network of talented studios in the UK and overseas. They can provide a secure option and the opportunity to work on some amazing games."

To register for the event, taking place at the Apex Hotel in Dundee, head to the official website.

UPDATE: "Activision representatives will be available from 9am Thursday morning in the Barcelona Room on the Mezzanine level at the Apex Hotel. No appointment is required. Candidates should just come along with a copy of their CV for an informal chat."

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Luke Herbert Game Designer 11 years ago
There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck to all the former RTW staff.
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Geraint Bungay Online Publishing Director, Supermassive Games11 years ago
Good luck to all concerned.
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