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Archibald's Adventures

Now available in Europe and to follow on the 20th in North America.

Rake in Grass is proud to present the release of the action-puzzle game "Archibald’s Adventures" for the PSP Minis

Archibald’s Adventures offers gameplay that hosts a mixture of action and puzzle elements to challenge players with increasing levels of complexity. The player starts off as a boy on a skateboard, but soon after, he’ll traverse into a robotic vehicle capable of scaling walls and ceilings. You’ll also get to take flight on a jetpack and solve puzzles with the aid of a mysterious floating bubble.

Archibald and the mad Professor Klumpfus are doomed in the professor's mansion unless they get help. Their latest experiment went awry, and strange lifeforms have escaped from their containment cells. On top of that, the central computer has locked up both heroes as a security measure!

Game Highlights:

- Play through 191 levels in this mind-blowing action-puzzle platform adventure

- Experience innovative gameplay with unique hero features: Teleporation of objects, scaling walls and ceilings, flying with a jetpack and more!

- Use your wit and quick reflex to avoid the dreadful dangers in Klumpfus’ mansion

- Use the professor's artificial intelligence brain matter to solve riddles

- Encounter lots of strange and funny lifeforms running loose across all levels!

Archibald's Adventures will be available through the European PlayStation ® Store on July 14th and will be followed closely by a North American launch on July 20th.

For more information please visit the official game site at:

Gameplay video:

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