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Chap behind "Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches" branches out.

Cardigan, Wales, 4th January 2010

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Based near Cardigan, Wales, computer game creator Arberth Studios has begun the new year by adding another string to its bow. The company first emerged in September 2008 with its award-winning ‘Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches’ PC adventure, and it has recently announced that it is working on a second Welsh mystery known as ‘Coven’. Now Noel Bruton, the composer and producer of the musical soundtracks for both works, is offering his musicianship beyond Arberth’s portfolio to a more general audience.

“It’s a logical extension to the use of music in our games,” Bruton says.

“Just as advertising commercials and presentations offer music to their audience, so does Arberth use music to evoke mood and emotion in our players ’ gaming experience. For example, we have our own sonic brand trigger on our video trailers and we use them all over our games as clue-reveals.” Along with the jingle, the ‘sonic brand trigger’ is a musical device increasingly used in advertisements to increase the memorability of a product or brand association.

Bruton’s output is certainly varied. ‘Rhiannon’ showed that he could compose and produce anything from a funeral lament to a rock finale, by way of a brass band march and a jazz waltz and much else besides. Bruton continues, “I’ve been creating music for nearly forty years and I find I make far more tunes than even Arberth can use. Arberth uses music to promote our products just as other advertisers would - so perhaps others can benefit from it.”

While still creating intricate and stirring pieces for computer games, Bruton is now hoping to hear his music in radio idents and advertisements, accompanying events and in corporate presentations. It seems he is one of a rare breed – an Internet search for ‘Jingle Composer West Wales’ yields surprisingly few results. Examples of his compositions can be accessed at, along with an article about making use of music in commercials and presentations.


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