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Apple's Game Porting Toolkit aims to make Windows game porting easier

Developers can assess bugs and optimize how titles will run on Mac devices before fully porting them over

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Apple's Game Porting Toolkit, announced during its Worldwide Developers Conference, intends to make it easier to port Windows games to Mac devices.

As reported by The Verge, the toolkit allows developers to launch an unmodified version of a Windows game and test how well it runs on a Mac before porting the whole game.

The tool will allow developers to gauge how much work they will need to port a title, address bugs, and optimize them on a macOS.

" You can use it to quickly understand the graphics feature usage and performance potential of your game when running on a Mac," said Apple's Aiswariya Sreenivassan.

Additionally, the Game Porting Toolkit supports DirectX 12 games such as The Medium.

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