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App store push for BBC games

Dr Who, Top Gear and Teletubbies due to receive iOS games

BBC Worldwide has revealed plans for iPhone game adaptations of its Doctor Who, Top Gear and Teletubbies franchises.

Doctor Who: Mazes of Time is due on the App Store before Christmas, and has been developed by Scottish studio Tag Games.

Tag's head of games technology Robert Henning told The Courier that "Doctor Who is the UK's number one science fiction property, and I think it is in the BBC's top three for worldwide sales."

"It is great to bring it to Dundee - especially in light of what happened at Realtime Worlds and the effect it had on Dundee. It shows there is still something positive we can bring to the sector."

Tag has also created apps based on Come Dine With Me and Peep Show, thanks to a deal with Channel 4 earlier this year.

Also due are Top Gear: Stunt School and Teletubbies: My First App.

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