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App Store now home to 300,000 titles

A new milestone for iOS devices after just two years

Apple's mobile application and game marketplace has now passed 300,000 entries, reaching that milestone in just over two years.

The App Store currently attracts around 1000 new Apps per day, reports Mobclix (via VentureBeat), with the ratio of paid to free entries approximately 69 versus 31 per cent.

Games constitute the second-most popular download category at 16.6 per cent (just behind books at 16.8 per cent).

The 300,000 total count is not exact, with tens of thousands of Apps now inactive - but conversely many non-US Apps are not covered.

The rival Android Marketplace is fast on the rise, however – currently reported as exceeding 113,000. This may increase as a wave of Android-based iPad rivals, such as the Advent Vega and Archos 70/101, arrive at retail next month.

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