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App Store introducing content subscription packages

All content-based apps such as magazines covered, but Apple wants 30%

Apple has confirmed that it will be introducing a subscription package program for content-based apps such as magazines and video services, but will be taking 30 per cent of all subscription fees in return.

The move is presumably intended to encourage more bespoke content apps for the iPhone and iPad, mimicking The Daily, an iPad specific newspaper which launched earlier this year. Subscription fees will be paid via the same App Store account as any app purchase.

Different packages have been planned, according to length of commitment. Publishers will be entitled to offer subscriptions to the app externally, and keep 100 per cent of the revenue, but the same offer or better has to be available to purchase from the app itself too.

"Our philosophy is simple," said on-leave Apple CEO Steve Jobs. "When Apple brings a new subscriber to the app, Apple earns a 30 percent share; when the publisher brings an existing or new subscriber to the app, the publisher keeps 100 percent and Apple earns nothing"

"All we require is that, if a publisher is making a subscription offer outside of the app, the same (or better) offer be made inside the app, so that customers can easily subscribe with one-click right in the app. We believe that this innovative subscription service will provide publishers with a brand new opportunity to expand digital access to their content onto the iPad, iPod touch and iPhone, delighting both new and existing subscribers."

It's not known at this time whether the offer could be extended to any future iPad specific MMO's or subscription based titles.

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