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Insectoid iPhone game now available.

Focused on games and 3D applications, with playful interface that seeks to introduce innovative gameplay, Aleph Games launches today its first game for the platform of the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Through a series of games in the curious world of ants programmed for the future, Aleph Games, an independent game studio from Brazil, chose to release the game AntBlox, a set of physical simulation for IPhone and IPod Touch.

The history of AntBlox is simple — the focus of the game is the gameplay, the experience of gameplay. In it, the ant Antonia feeds on special apples. But apples are in different places, and build a path to it is not always easy.

The goal in each stage is to help the ant to reach the apple. For this, the player must build the road blocks. When you release the blocks, they fall to the ground, so when they are released is important. In addition, phases with earthquake, mud, among many others, make it more difficult to mount the path.

Watch it on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBHiBoEWmv0

Buy it: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ant-blox/id362350092?mt=8 its only $ 1,99!

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