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Anders Maiqvist of Thunderful to step down as CFO

He will go on to consult game mergers and acquisitions but will remain in his current position until a replacement is established

Today Swedish publisher Thunderful announced that chief financial officer Anders Maiqvist has decided to leave his current role.

The company said that he will go on to serve as a consultant on its game division's mergers and acquisitions.

Maiqvist will remain in his current position until a successor is established, recruitment for a replacement is currently underway.

He joined Thunderful as chief financial officer in 2019 and prior to that he served in the same role at Bergsala Holding AB.

"I am grateful for my time as CFO at Thunderful and the progress that we have made during that period. During the IPO roadshows in the autumn of 2020, we presented a goal of completing one acquisition per quarter," said Maiqvist.

"We've acquired roughly twice as many gaming companies as we forecasted, and it's clearly a successful component of our growth strategy which I will continue to work with from a consulting position."

The announcement of Maiqvist stepping down follows a week after Thunderful reorganized its leadership as it hired PlayStation's Kathrin Strangfeld as vice president of business management and transformation.

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