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Anchorcast Entertainment Unleashes Groundbreaking 2D Shooter Action with Core Fighter

Waco, TX, USA -- 26 Feb. 2008 -- Anchorcast Entertainment ( today announced the release of Core Fighter, a fast-paced 2D shooter melding thrilling top-down action with free-roaming exploration. Core Fighter brings the streamlined features of a modern first-person shooter to the classic gameplay of 2D action games from the past.

Core Fighter allows players to choose a spacecraft and take it into a futuristic science fiction setting. After choosing their ship, players explore the corridors of a space station, the tunnels of an abandoned mining complex, and the depths of space itself.

Core Fighter represents a remarkable departure from space shooters of the past,? says Christian Seehausen, President and lead designer, Anchorcast Entertainment. While other futuristic shoot-'em-ups force players onto a linear path, Core Fighter lets them to explore their environment and choose for themselves where they want to go, which secrets to uncover, and which enemies to fight next.

At Anchorcast Entertainment, we believe that players love choices.In Core Fighter, we allow them to not only choose which ship to fly, but also to customize it with weapons and upgrades of their choice, unlocked by exploring the game's environments.

In Core Fighter, aliens have taken control of an abandoned mining outpost and the robots within. Players must fight their way through corridors, tunnels, and asteroid belts filled with hundreds of enemies all bristling with high-tech futuristic weaponry. Players can take advantage of full 360-degree shooting, combining their piloting skills with fast aim to beat the harsh odds laid against them.

Core Fighter is available for Windows PC systems, and is suitable for players of all ages. Find out more about Core Fighter or try the demo today by visiting its website at


-Fast-paced top-down shooting action

-Three different ship classes: Light, Medium, and Heavy

-Ten levels spread across three stunning environments

-Twelve hard-earned Achievements

-Over 24 powerful weapons and upgrades

-Eight distinct types of enemies

-Special abilities like Cloak and Afterburners

About Anchorcast Entertainment

Anchorcast Entertainment was founded in 2007 by Christian Seehausen. It currently focuses on providing high-quality independent games to hardcore gamers around the world. Core Fighter is Anchorcast Entertainment's first published game, and has been met with praise from peers and players alike.


Christian Seehausen

2014 S 2nd St. Apt. 41

Waco, TX 76706




Game Information

Title: Core Fighter

Genre: Action-Shooter

Platform: PC

Release date: 25 February 2008

Price: $19.95

System Requirements

Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista

DirectX 9.0c-compatible graphics card

Review copies

If you are a game industry journalist and would like a review copy of Core Fighter, please contact Christian Seehausen at

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