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Allods Online

Heading to Gala's gPotato gaming portal to bring the game across Europe.



MOSCOW & DUBLIN - April 23, 2009 - Nival Online, the Russian game developer behind the Allods series of role-playing strategy games (known as Rage of Mages in Europe and America), and Gala Networks Europe, the free-to-play MMORPG publisher that operates the gaming portal are proud to announce Allods Online, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game based on Russia’s most successful gaming series.

The free-to-play title brings MMO fans across Europe into a universe of epic fantasy and fierce conflict with a deep and captivating storyline. Allods Online takes place after the destruction of the planet of Sarnout and the subsequent formation of the namesake Allods. These mystical islands float in the Astral, an expansive living substance that makes up the compelling game world. Adventurers will explore the numerous Allods as they battle against a wide range of enemies – and each other.

Allods Online will feature classic fantasy MMORPG gameplay that fans of the genre’s most successful titles can enjoy. It features extensive questing, intense player-versus-player combat, grand exploration, in-depth character development and plenty of social interaction. In the Astral, players will have the chance to put their wits and brawn to the test in larger-than-life Astral battles, the game’s giant fights between competing ‘Astral ships’ manned by multiple players. Adventurers from all over the world will have to choose between six races and eight character classes before choosing their allegiance between the two warring factions: the League and the Empire.

With over 12 million USD in funding, Allods Online is the best-funded Russian game development project in history. In addition, the team behind the title at Nival Online recently received the Best Online Game & Best Game Developer award at the 2008 Russian Game Development Conference.

“We have spiced up a full-blown fantasy MMORPG with the most compelling elements of space opera and science fiction, with epic battles between huge Astral ships,” said Sergey Orlovskiy, founder of Nival Online. “At the same time, we are keeping a deep focus on characters. Allods Online is not about Astral ships, but about the people on them.”

“We are excited to work with Nival Online who has proved their mastery of PC and online games for over a decade” said Hyun Hur, CEO of Gala Networks Europe. “We are confident that Allods Online will have a major impact on the overall online games industry and demonstrates that top quality games can be free, giving players a strong alternative to subscription-based MMORPGs.”

Allods Online will be available in French, German and English on autumn 2009 on the Game Portal. For more information please contact us and stay tuned for the official European website at

About Gala Networks Europe Ltd. &

Gala Networks Europe Ltd. is a leading European free-to-play online games publisher. Gala Networks Europe operates the gPotato brand by hosting, publishing and distributing free online games via the portal. Established in Dublin, Ireland in 2006, it operates a portfolio of MMORPG’s including Flyff, Rappelz, Street Gears, Dragonica and Allods Online. The portal is now a major destination for online gamers with over a million users. Allods Online, the fifth game of the portal, will be available in Autumn 2009.

About Nival Online

Founded in 2006, Nival Online is the leading developer and operator of free to play, client-based online games in Russia and other Russian-speaking territories. Also the exclusive Russian publisher of Perfect World, Granado Espada, and Pirate King Online (branded in Russia as Piratia™), Nival Online is developing rich online worlds full of epic adventures, challenges and fun for an international audience. Committed to developing free-to-play, client-based MMO games, the company’s first announced title is Allods Online, the MMORPG continuation of the acclaimed Allods series (known internationally as Rage of Mages). The core team of Nival Online was previously responsible for Heroes of Might and Magic V published by Ubisoft. Nival Online is headquartered in Moscow, with development studios in Moscow and Voronezh, Russia. Additional information available at

About Astrum Online Entertainment

Astrum Online Entertainment™ is the online entertainment leader in Russia and the CIS, with more than 60 percent market share. These consists of Nival Online, Nikita.Online, IT Territory, TimeZero and DJ Games (Ukraine). These companies have successfully launched more than 30 online games including national hits like Legend: Legacy of Dragons, Perfect World, Lord of the Rings Online, Time Zero, Territory and Piratia. The total audience for Astrum Online Entertainment's titles exceeds 17 million users. Additional information is available at


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