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Allegorithmic Unveils New Version of Procedural Texturing Middleware, ProFX 2.6

Allows MMO, AAA and Casual Game Developers to Produce High-quality Texture Assets Faster Generating File Sizes that are 500-1000 Times Smaller than Regular Textures

For Immediate Release

Aug. 7, 2007

San Diego - Aug. 7, 2007 - Allegorithmic, an emerging 3D technology company developing advanced texturing tools for real-time 3D content, today announced ProFX 2.6, the newest version of its patented procedural texturing middleware. Featuring a newly optimized core that runs faster and on a wider range of machines (starting with Pixel Shader 2.0), ProFX 2.6 is the only middleware that allows game developers to professionally author and render high-quality procedural textures. Designed for use with MaPZone Pro 2.6, Allegorithmic's advanced texture authoring software, ProFX 2.6 lets game studios produce texture assets up to two times faster than with regular techniques. ProFX 2.6 procedural texture files are very small in size - typically 500 to 1000 times smaller - making them ideal for use in massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs), virtual communities, casual, and downloadable games. ProFX 2.6 is scheduled to ship in fall 2007.

"The gaming industry is clearly moving toward online gaming and online distribution of content," said Dr. Sebastien Deguy, president and founder of Allegorithmic. "Since ProFX textures take up infinitely less storage space, ProFX is naturally becoming a cornerstone in procedural texturing for the gaming market with customers ranging from industry giants to small innovative developers."

Key features in ProFX 2.6:

Compatibility with Pixel Shader 2.0 maximizes the number of machines that benefit from GPU acceleration of ProFX Seamless integration with MaPZone Pro 2.6 adds increased productivity for developers ProFX textures are extremely small without sacrificing quality; they are 500 to 1000 times smaller than regular compressed bitmap textures making them ideal for MMOGs and other game projects with limited disk space The production time of ProFX textures is typically 1 to 2 times shorter than producing regular textures

Industry Praise for ProFX

"Two of the smartest choices we made on the Roboblitz project were licensing Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3 and using Allegorithmic's ProFX procedural texture generation tool," said Joshua Glazer, CTO, Naked Sky Entertainment. "ProFX did everything we needed it to, and it did it on time. We couldn't have shipped Roboblitz on Xbox Live Arcade without it."

"ProFX is an excellent solution for the majority of textures in a game where download size or file size is a key constraint," said Tim Sweeney, founder and president of Epic Games.

"ProFX is a no-brainer for anyone making a game that has strict disk space budget," said Sam McGrath, CTO and founder of Offset Software. "We also think it has some interesting uses for big games like Project Offset, and we look forward to exploring these possibilities."

Pricing and Availability

ProFX 2.6 pricing models vary based on type of game and development platform. For more information please contact Allegorithmic's North American sales representative Dave Taylor at (310) 622-4847 or the company's headquarters in France +33 (0) 4 73 40 79 84. ProFX 2.6 is scheduled to ship in fall 2007.

About Allegorithmic

Founded in 2003 and based in Aubiere, France, Allegorithmic is an emerging leader in the 3D effects industry. The company specializes in creating advanced authoring software and middleware that is designed to simplify the process of creating high-quality textures for next-generation content developers. The company's two flagship products are ProFX and MaPZone. Based on Allegorithmic's patented technology, ProFX is the first middleware for authoring professional procedural textures in real time. MaPZone is the most advanced texturing tool on the market and is optimized for creating high-quality textures that can be used for a variety of design applications. Allegoritmic has partnered with some of the industry's leading games and technology companies, including: Dassault Systems, Epic Games, Luxology, Microsoft and Naked Sky Entertainment. For more information on Allegorithmic and its products please visit

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