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Aion - Tower of Eternity

Details of the the Asmodian Ascension quest, your chance to become a Daeva

Thursday 28th August - Brighton, UK/... NCsoft® Europe presents details of what Asmodians must do in order to be able to fly in the epic and beautiful Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) RPG, Aion: The Tower of Eternity. The chance to earn your wings and become a Daeva comes relatively early in the life of every true Asmodian, though the path itself can be hard and somewhat mystifying. As you reach level 9 you discover that you must find the Asmodian known as Munin, who has been detained deep within the Ishalgen Prison Camp.


Trapped within a crystallized prison cell, Munin is your key to Ascension. This Daeva can discern the future, even trapped in his cell. This expert fortuneteller will be able to tell your future and how you will ascend to be a mighty Asmodian, but first he needs items that can help piece together your past. He will need these items, the cards of fate, from three different disciples in order to proceed.

The first appears as an old tailor by the name of Urd, who resides in Aldelle Village, which you should already be familiar with as it was one of the first places you would have passed through as a young Asmodian. Urd give you a card that represents your past—“I see two twisted creepers”—and sends you to the next disciple, the Old Lady Fortuneteller.

She lives out in the Munihele Forest, located roughly halfway between Aldelle Basin and the Prison Camp. You can find her near a small log cabin, well off the beaten path, where she goes by the name of Verdandi. The hermit will read your palm and gives you a card of fate detailing your present state, though you are warned you will not understand what it means (though Munin will).

Verdandi then directs you to your next and last stop, this time to have your future read by a young woman named Skuld. She resides on the cliffs above the sea just south of Anturoon Crossing. Be careful, this will be one of the most perilous journeys—the cliffs are swarming with Eyvindir pirates, who don’t take to people invading their private space lightly. Also beware of the Fang Karnifs, aggressive cat-like beasts that like to pick off stragglers or unsuspecting Asmodians.

Skuld will read your future and imprint it on yet another card. Now you must deliver all three cards back to Munin, which should be an easy run on the path all way north, back to the Ishalgen Prison Camp. Munin is pleased you’ve gathered the cards from his disciples, and his motives in helping you aren’t entirely clear, but evidently he intends to change the future he sees, and the only way to do so is through you—but first he must reveal your own future.

As he reads the cards, he begins to weave patterns in the Aether, and suddenly you are transported to an outer-worldly realm, wearing a full set of Asmodian armor; the sky is a mix of dark, blood-like colors, and scattered about are several giant, swirling vortices--Portals. This is the Abyss, the nether region nestled between the two shattered halves of Atreia, and you’re standing on one of the many small, floating rocky islands that dot the Abyss. You see a line of wounded Asmodian soldiers before you, but the apparent leader—Archon Legionary Hagen—beckons you forward.

The Asmodians are in a desperate struggle to attain the floating island of Narsass, but the Elyos Legatus known as Hellion is successfully standing in their way. You must fly to Narsass and defeat Hellion personally—that is your destiny. Immediately you spread your wings and spring off the island, passing groups of Asmodians and Elyos engaged in aerial combat, before you reach the foreboding Narsass.

After defeating several Elyos soldiers, you come up against Hellion himself, and the battle does not go well. You are soundly defeated after a blinding assault. Suddenly, you seem to recover, but you’re back in your old armor again, and the form of Munin appears nearby. “The future is not fixed,” he says, and he reveals that trying to change the future is why he was imprisoned in the first place. You agree to mutually help each other—Munin claims he will need help in the future, and in return he will help save your life down the line—but first you must become a Daeva and pick a class.

Once your specialized class has been chosen, you then teleport to Pandaemonium, the Asmodian capital, where you will need to talk to friendly Heimdall of the City Guard (he’s not hard to find). The formal Ascension ceremony takes place in the Great Temple of Pandaemonium and is overseen by the high priest, Balder. There is a great ceremony—some of the Asmodians will mock you, others will be more encouraging—where the elders recognize you as a Daeva, newly Ascended, ready to prove that the Asmodians hold the true power in Atreia. The ceremony ends with the granting of your new wings, which you can now use to fly and customize as you wish.

Now this is truly the time to take a hold of your destiny.


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