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Activision renews LucasArts publishing deal

Partnership to continue following successful releases of Indy, Star Wars titles

Activision and LucasArts will continue to partner up on the release of titles in Europe, South-East Asia and Australia, following a string of successful releases in the past couple of years.

"This agreement with Activision reflects LucasArts' commitment to the international markets and we look forward to bringing the best products to our consumers worldwide," said Mary Bihr, VP of global publishing, LucasArts.

"We made the decision based upon Activision’s proven track record in managing strong brands and our long standing relationship which has produced tremendous results as games such as Lego Indiana Jones and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed have risen to the top of sales charts globally."

The Force Unleashed has proven to be a significant success, selling 5.7 million units to-date and propelling it to the position of best-selling Star Wars title ever.

"LucasArts' vast portfolio of videogames has caught the imagination of gamers of all ages across the globe - opening up exciting new possibilities for much-loved franchises whilst injecting fresh ideas into the market," said Menno Van der Bil, international general manager of Activision Publishing. "We look forward to working alongside LucasArts to release unique and innovative products the whole family can enjoy for the years to come."

The next major release under the partnership will be Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, due for release in June this year. The Activision Blizzard share price was down 0.3 per cent yesterday, to close at USD 10.04.

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