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Activision Blizzard to end hybrid work for QA employees

ABK Workers Alliance calls the decision harmful, while the company says staffers work best in-person

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Activision Blizzard is ending its hybrid work model for QA staffers next month.

The mandate will result in quality assurance employees in Minneapolis, Austin, and El Segundo returning to office work full-time.

QA workers were advised of the decision on November 30, according to ABK Workers Alliance.

The organization released a statement about the decision on social media.

In part, the workers group said, "The job security of many QA employees was already on shaky ground due to the announcement of hybrid work earlier this year. Since then, hundreds of employees have been in correspondence with the accommodations team to try to receive permanent work-from-home arrangements due to disability, financial issues, or other factors.

"Many of these requests have been outright denied, and many more have been offered in-office accommodations that do not adequately meet the needs of employees."

It continues, "This has resulted in many employees being forced out of the company in a soft layoff. It is our belief that the removal of hybrid work will result in many, many more employees being forced out of the company and into a desperate situation."

The Alliance added that a one-size-fits-all mandate harms the firm, products, players, and staffers.

In a statement sent to Eurogamer about its decision to end hybrid work, an Activision Blizzard spokesperson said that staffers work better in-person.

The representative said, "We've made the decision to move from a hybrid work schedule to a full-time, in-office working model for Activision QA in Minneapolis, Austin, and El Segundo to foster a best-in-class QA function and best deliver for our players. We take our support for employees with disabilities, differing abilities, mental health requirements, and changing medical needs seriously."

The Call of Duty maker will offer severance to employees who end their employment due to the new in-office mandate.

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