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Activision Blizzard signs studio execs to long-term deals

Blizzard, Neversoft, Infinity Ward all under new contracts following merger

Activision Blizzard has signed the heads of its key franchise studios – Infinity Ward, Neversoft and Blizzard – to new long-term contracts, according to a report.

Senior World of Warcraft developers at Blizzard have all signed five-year contracts. Call of Duty studio Infinity Ward and Guitar Hero team Neversoft have also renegotiated long-term deals according to Variety.

"Those are the core assets of the new company... The three of them are paying the bills," said Bruce Hack, vice chairman of Activision Blizzard.

The Activision Blizzard deal finally completed yesterday, creating a company which holds some of the most lucrative franchises in videogames.

"We realised it would be impossible to compete [with 'World of Warcraft'] and so ultimately my only issue was making sure they were committed for at least five years," revealed CEO Bobby Kotick, of the new contracts with Blizzard.

"They are committed to the franchise in a way we rarely see, since it's something they created from scratch and is their life and livelihood. It didn't take a lot to get them to make that commitment."

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