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Sony Computer Entertainment Europe to host developer sessions this month in Russia.

Moscow, the 13th of October 2009, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited (SCEE) has recently announced the sessions for developers for the first time in Russia within the All-Russian Conference on Game Industry 2009.

ACGI is the first national project, supported by Russian Government, aiming to unite companies from the Russian game and multimedia Industry as well as creating a communication platform to get in touch with official organizations and business representatives from the international game industry.

SCEE is the world leader in the area of the development, publishing, marketing and distribution of entertainment software for PlayStation®3, PlayStation®2, PSP®(PlayStationPortable) and PlayStation Network in over 99 territories across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Oceania.

For registered attendees at ACGI conference it would be given the unique chance to communicate with the lead specialists from the SCEE Research & Development team based in London, UK, who would provide 2 sessions at the event. The first session is titled:

PlayStation Development - A Beginners Guide

It is open to all and aimed purely at programmers. The session will cover the PSP and PS3 architecture, dev tools, resources available to start PlayStation development.

The main highlights:

• Introduction of Dev Services (15 min)

• Hardware Overview (30Min):

An introduction to PSP and PS3 architecture and development environment

• Cutting Edge techniques (1hr):

Presentation of the current state of the art of 3D games on PSP and PS3 with cases study from high profile releases so far.

• Short presentations of PS3 Tools & Middleware Partners from the guest speakers: NVIDIA® PhysX® and Crytek CryENGINE®3 (15mins)

The second session is titled:

PlayStation Development - Advance Engineering Techniques

This session is for SCE Registered Developers only. Here the specialists will dive deep in to code optimisation and advance PS3 techniques. The attendee will have a say in what they want to focus on as a group.

The main highlights:

• PS3 Development Environment (30min):

Highlight the specific of the PS3 development environment from both hardware and software perspective.

• PS3 Graphics (1hr):

An overview of the custom graphics features of RSX and to the programming interface as provided through the PS3 SDK.

• SPU Programming (45min):

Illustration how to make the best use of the PS3 hardware with a particular focus toward the SPUs, by adopting new programming models for multi-core architecture such as a job model.

• Graphics Advanced (1hr):

Presentation of different techniques that pushes the boundaries and what can be archive for 3D real-time applications by combining the power of the CELL Broadband engine and RSX.

• PS3 Performance Analysis (45 min):

A deep introduction of the profiling tool package available for PS3 developers through use cases.

• Q&A (30 min)


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