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Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation

Downloadable content available today on Xbox Live Marketplace.

A-10A -DISTANT THUNDER- (200 Microsoft Points)

An aircraft with a thoroughly reworked design and anti-aircraft capability that allows it to hold its own in air combat. Its lighter body is less durable than the previous design, but allows for an increased weapons payload. Use your increased firepower to strike down the enemy like a bolt of lightning!

Typhoon -TYPE ACE3- (200 Microsoft Points)

A faithful recreation of the Ace Combat 3 aircraft performance design. Although hindered by slow turning response, this fighter boasts outstanding speed performance and durability. However, the aircraft lacks SP weapons which were not introduced until after Ace Combat 3.

F-14D -THE IDOLMASTER AZUSA- (400 Microsoft Points)

She's got lots of potential, but she doesn't like to be rushed. Just let her go at her own pace as she takes you on a smooth ride to victory!

Su-47 -GAULT- (200 Microsoft Points)

An aircraft with improved turning performance in reduced speed zones allows for smooth changes in formation. Although its thrust performance has been decreased, this fighter's streamlined movement is all that's required to snare the enemy in its sights. The signature aircraft of the Belkan Air Force 18th Air Division 5th Tactical Fighter Squadron, otherwise known as the Gault Team. This squadron of ace pilots was led by a cool and collected man rumoured to be the leader of "A World With No Boundaries".


An aircraft featuring improved speed performance for emergency interception. Defence has been bolstered by exchanging anti-surface weapons for an increased anti-air weapons payload. The Osean Air Defence Force 108th Tactical Fighter Wing Detachment, Wardog. This squadron, often referred to as the "Four Wings of Sand Island", secured a vital naval port and continued to played a crucial role throughout the course of the war.

F/A-18F -THE IDOLMASTER RITSUKO- (400 Microsoft Points)

She tires easily, so use her precise movement to take out the enemy as quickly as possible! You've got the brains, she's got the moves - let's get lots of enemies!

DARK SHINING SET (300 Microsoft Points)

- This includes a golden Rafale M and a black F-2A

- A modified sky painting aircraft for shows and exhibitions, this aircraft is equipped with collared smoke missiles. The missile payload has been maximized for show purposes.

ACE OF ACES MISSION 03- (350 Microsoft Points)

Just like the mode included in the game, Ace Of Aces is a very hard mode.

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