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A Revolution In Online Game Advertising Served Up By British Company GameJacket

Manchester, UK. 25th February 2008: GameJacket, the British firm bringing about a revolution within the online casual games sector, is today proud to announce the deployment of the first system which allows both advertisers and game developers to benefit from dynamic advertising within Flash games.

A recent Comscore report showed that online games websites account for more than 25% of all internet traffic, a figure that is still rising. The top 10 online Flash game destination sites attract over 217m unique visitors every month, and a conservative estimate puts the number of worldwide game portals at more than 20,000 sites, generating a huge global online audience. Until today advertisers have been forced to approach each gaming site network independently in order to get their messages to this huge and growing audience.

GameJacket is the first company to provide an advertising platform for Flash games that can serve rich media advertisements, whether they be static, MPUs or even video creative treatments. Additionally, GameJacket utilises bespoke profiling technology which allows campaign planners to drill down further to achieve their target market.

GameJacket's Founder and Director of Content, Barry White, explains, "Our unique technology provides Flash game developers with a rich toolset, enabling them to manage and protect their intellectual property, distribute their games freely around the internet whilst, at the same time, generate a constant stream of revenue from high value advertisers." He went on "Uniquely, GameJacket hands developers the power to update their Flash games anytime they choose, regardless of where they are being played on the internet. This 'version control' technology will revolutionise the way Flash games are managed online. Plus, GameJacket are able to share a rich array of statistics empowering developers to analyse and measure the success of their products."

For advertisers, the GameJacket system can serve advertising in accordance with specific campaign objectives within Flash games, regardless of where they are played across the internet. The GameJacket network isn't restricted to any particular games portal, country, language or even computer type as it operates wherever Flash games are played. GameJacket is also able to profile its audience using technology developed by its in-house team.

GameJacket Managing Director, Simon Jones, said "The numbers of consumers playing free online games on a monthly basis is simply staggering. Up until now, the developers responsible for generating these huge audiences have had no control over their IP and it was a case of 'release and hope for the best'. GameJacket gives them that control and brings together the best talent in the sector to generate a huge audience that advertisers can, for the first time, serve their dynamic advertising campaigns through to."

GameJacket is a free service to game developers who can sign-up at For advertising enquiries, contact GameJacket at: +44 161 832 6607 or email



The Lexicon, 10-12 Mount Street, Manchester, United Kingdom M2 5NT.

Tel: +44 (0) 161 832 6607, Fax: +44 (0) 161 332 6188



About GameJacket

GameJacket is an advertising network for online Flash games. The GameJacket technology is a web-based system which allows Flash game developers to take, protect and control their IP whilst taking full advantage of viral distribution. The system provides developers with a rich array of traffic statistics, empowering them to develop their businesses. Advertising is sold network-wide or by campaign specifics, and GameJacket deploys a unique audience profiling technique which can drill down a campaign target audience ensuring minimal wastage and maximum return on investment.

The company is operated by a group of online games, video games and advertising industry professionals and is funded by private equity finance.

The company website is located at:

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