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A New Gripping Mix of Strategy and Arcade where Malicious Viruses.Give a Hand of Assistance to Human Beings!

TameStorm Games Announces Unveiling of New RTS - Virus

For immediate release

September 1, 2005

TameStorm Games is excited to announce Virus, an enthralling real time strategy for anyone who feels like protecting the world against various monsters, including those created by human beings themselves. In this absolutely absorbing game, your faithful allies are viruses which help you to fight against the mighty uncontrollable military AI. 28 levels of the full version feature battlefields where you have to take a firm stand against that smart and cruel enemy!

The game comes to life as you enter the research laboratory of the National Defense Ministry. You start the game with a small colony of viruses that develop throughout the game. You breed viruses and take care of them. When in need, you commit them to battle. Your viruses make coordinated attacks on the enemy's software. They are your soldiers who are always ready to help you in your fight against numerous computers - servants of your enemy. The malicious computers are protected by antivirus programs, anti spam filters and firewalls. Controlling hundreds of viruses at a time is hard, that is why special creatures called Attractors always make sure that your faithful viruses are at your service. Challenge comes with every new level as computers become much slier and fiercer. Who will snatch the victory: human beings or their brainchild? You will be engrossed in that question throughout the whole game.

"Virus is the only game of this kind," says Vladislav Litunovskiy, chief executive officer at TameStorm Games. "Comparing this game to the previous version of Alter Life, it's important to mention that Virus has a completely different game play, improved interface graphics and substantially different artificial intelligence principles. This game requires more patience and at the same time quick wit. As you race from level to level, the complexity of battle fields increases. Therefore, you always have to work out smart tactics to employ. The arcade style of the game makes this real time strategy much different from other games of this kind. Your chances to win to a great extent are dependent on the speed of your reaction!"

Below are some significant Virus features at a glance:

- Totally-addictive game play with an original game scenario;

- 28 levels to go, 9 cool bonuses and deathmatch games in the registered version;

- Lively music plus high-resolution graphics, smooth animation, rich colors;

- A unique mixture of arcade and RTS.

Pricing and Availability

Virus runs under Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003 and costs $14.95 (USD).

Registered customers are entitled to the unlocked game play, free updates and technical support. A free evaluation version is available at

About TameStorm

Founded in 2003, TameStorm Games is a software company focused on the development of games, utilizing cutting-edge graphics technology. Only professional programmers, artists and web-designers work in our company.

The team consists of people, whose talent and skills have helped us to be competitive and successful over the last two years. Our top-selling titles include River Raider, River Raider 2, Brixformer, Z-Raid. For more information, visit us at


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