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A Happy Wii New Year!

Nintendo unveils action packed Q1 2007 Wii line-up

19th December 2006 - Nintendo has plenty in store to keep your Wii Remote busy in the New Year. Whatever sort of games you like to play there is something for everyone on Wii, ranging from nail-bitingly addictive puzzle games to adrenaline-filled action titles. This selection will keep you tied up until Easter!

Mini-game fanatics will be delighted by Wario Ware: Smooth Moves (Nintendo), a zany and exciting take on the classic series and the perfect party game, as well as the highly addictive Kororinpa (Hudson), an interactive marble maze where players must navigate to the exit by tilting and twisting the stages using their Wii Remote. As if that wasn't enough, Nintendo is also unleashing the latest in its smash-hit party game series, Mario Party 8 (Nintendo). Sports fans can take to the track in Nintendo's truck racing game Excite Truck (Nintendo) where players steer using the Wii Remote like they would a real wheel, before soaring into the skies in aviation adventure Wing Island (Hudson).

Action junkies need not worry about being forgotten, with top fighting games including Mortal Kombat: Armageddon (Midway Games) and Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 (Namco Bandai Games), sports games such as SSX Blur (EA) and Tiger Woods PGA Tour (EA) as well as adventure games like Sonic and the Secret Rings (SEGA) and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Ubisoft). Finally Q1 will see the launch of a selection of great family adventure games including Disney's Meet the Robinsons (Disney / Buena Vista games).

Nintendo Wii Software - Release Date Q1 2007

Wario Ware: Smooth Moves (Nintendo) - 12 Jan 2007

Excite Truck (Nintendo) - 16 Feb 2007

Kororinpa (Hudson) - 23 Feb 2007

Baja Racing (Conspiracy) - Feb 2007

Disney's Chicken Little: Ace in Action (Disney / Buena Vista Games) - Feb 2007

Wing Island (Hudson) - 23 March 2007

BIONICLE Heroes (Eidos) - 23 March 2007

SSXTM Blur (EA) - March 2007

Mario Party 8 (Nintendo) - March 2007

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® (EA) - March 2007

Bust a Move Wii (505Games) - March 2007

Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 (Namco Bandai Games) - March 2007

Disney's Meet the Robinsons (Disney / Buena Vista Games) - March 2007

Sonic TM and the Secret Rings (SEGA) - March 2007

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Ubisoft) - March 2007

Heatseaker (Codemasters) - Q1 2007

Metal Slug Anthology (Ignition) - Q1 2007

Mortal Kombat: Armageddon (Midway Games) - Q1 2007

Rampage Total Destruction (Midway Games) - Q1 2007

The Ant Bully (Movie License) (Midway Games) - Q1 2007

The Grim Adventure of Billy and Mandy (Midway Games) - Q1 2007

Impossible Mission (System 3) - Q1 2007

Leaderboard Golf (System 3) - Q1 2007

Puzzle Balls (System 3) - Q1 2007

Tennis Masters (System 3) - Q1 2007

Blazing Angels TM : Squadrons of WWII (Ubisoft) - Q1 2007

These games join a library of 24 Wii games which launched in December 2006 including Wii Sports, The Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess and Wii Play from Nintendo and Call of Duty® 3 (Activision), Super Monkey BallTM: Banana Blitz (Sega), Red SteelTM (Ubisoft) and Need For SpeedTM Carbon (EA).

In addition to all these great games Wii owners can download and play classic Nintendo games on their Wii. There are 36 Virtual Console titles available in 2006, with more will be added to the range on a regular basis in 2007.

The Wii console is available at the estimated retail price of around 249 (£179 in the UK). Included with every Wii console is one wireless Wii Remote, a Nunchuk, Wii Sports game, Stereo AV Cable and the sensor bar for Wii's unique control system. Software is available at the estimated retail price of between 49 Euros and 59 Euros (£34 to £39 in the UK). Additional controllers will retail at the estimated prices of: Wii Remote 39 Euros (£29 in UK), Nunchuk 19 Euros (£14 in UK) and the Classic Controller 19 Euros (£14 in UK).

Virtual Console games range in price from 500 Wii Points for NES games to 800 Wii Points for Super Nintendo games and 1000 Wii Points for Nintendo 64 games. Wii points required for titles available in 2007 may vary.

Click onto www.Wii.com for all of the most up to date official information on Wii.

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